1 December
Till Lindemann

This year, I and snapealina  decided to make a calendar for each other! So, each day we'll send each other a message with a pairing, prompt and three words. The word count is 100-600 words, and we have to finish it the same day. So, here we have the first one!

Chocolate Milk
accident, frost, gas

Warning: real person fic! Be aware of complete sillyness!

Disclaimer: I do not own Rammstein. But I like to make them do silly things in my fantasies! :3

Age limit: well, none in this one I think. It's just silly!


”But Till, where did you get that idea from??” Flake sighed and looked at Till.

“Milk is healthy, chocolate makes your brain produce endorphins and makes you happy!” Till smiled as he closed the refrigerator.

“But… How on earth are you going to drink all that before it gets old? And I can guarantee that Paul and Richard will have an ‘accident’ sooner or later!” Flake rolled his eyes and opened the refrigerator. “Can I have one?”

“Sure.” Till said and took a sip of chocolate milk. “But I guess those kids will drink it up before any accident happens.”

“And I guess you have locked up the gas…?” Flake suddenly asked.

“What gas?”

“Your flamethrowers…?” Flake looked at Till, who went silent. “Oh dear god…”

“Why?” Till pulled his shoulders.

“Richard and Paul complained about the frost in their tree house, but they thought you had locked up the gas. You better do it now.”

“VERDAMMT!!” Till shouted and left Flake and his chocolate milk behind. Flake followed Till, but they were met in the hallway by Oliver and Christoph.

“You better call the fire department!” Christoph hissed and shook Till.


“Because those brats are planning to make a fire to keep their tree house warm!!” Oliver moaned loudly and rolled his eyes.

“Why didn’t you stop them?!” Till shouted and put his jacket on.

“We have nothing to trick them with!” Christoph said and let Till go.

“Flake…” Till then whispered. “The chocolate milk!!”

“What should I do then?”

“Tell them you have warm chocolate milk for them inside, and while they go in, I go out and save the gas before an accident happens…”


*ten minutes later*

As Paul and Richard ran inside, Till sneaked out to find the bottles. Dressed up in a woolen jumper, thick thermo trousers, a camo jacket and with a hat and his gloves, he sneaked from one three to another, keeping an eye on the windows.

“The kids are sitting by the table now, Meister. Over.” Flake whispered in the walkie talkie.

“Great. I’m closer to the target now, Doctor. Over.” Till whispered back. Soon he climbed up the three. “I’m inside the lion’s nest now! Over.”

“Great. They are drinking their second glass now, over.”

Till spotted the gas bottles and his flamethrower – quickly he put it on his back and rushed to the door. He picked up a hook and a rope from his pocket, attached it on a branch, and jumped down. “I’m out!”

“You better be, they are heading for the door now! Over!” Flake hissed.

“What?” Till started to run. “What happened? Over!”

“Out of warm chocolate milk! Over.”

Till ran to a bush and hid. In the next moment Richard and Paul came out of the door, wearing their warmest ski jackets and trousers, running to their tree house. As they ran around the corner, Till jumped out of the bush and ran as fast as he could to the door. The moment he opened the door, Flake met him.

“You better lock it up now before they come back.” Flake said low and locked the door.

“Thank you!” Till smiled and ran up to his room. As he had locked it inside the safe, he threw off his clothing and put on his daily clothes. He jogged down the stairs, met Flake again. “You see? The chocolate milk would be useful!”

Somethings About Marching Bands - chapter two
Till Lindemann
Finally - one of my longer fics! I decided that I could post the first chapters, though the entire fic isn't finished yet. So I would love some comments on this one, so I maybe get some ideas :)
Thanks to snapealina for being my cheerleader!

So here you have chapter two.

This has happened so far and what happens further on: after a night out with the other guys in the band, Till wakes up and don't remember that much from the night. But he isn't home, but in a bus. He finds himself with a marching band from Norway (big lol here), and the only thing he got is a wallet and a mobile phone without battery. He's on the Kiel ferry, on his way to Norway, and he snogs one of the girls, join the "vikings" on a party, and what happens next day? He wokes up in a bus again, but he's not in Oslo - but in Kvam - and what about the other guys in Rammstein??

This chapter is most likely like an erotic parody, but the next gives more action, I promise.

Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Real person fic, detailed and dirty scenes, many characters (just so you know), germanglish. I think there should be one more warning, but I'm not sure. Tell me if I'm right...
Nothing of this has ever happened, it's just my way too much creative fantasy and was thinking that the idea of Till with a marching band would be funny. And what I would like to do with him if he followed me home *oops, too much information*

Something about Marching Bands - chapter twoCollapse )

Somethings About Marching Bands - chapter one
Till Lindemann
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Till Lindemann

Here we go, one more from my and snapealina 's fic contest. One more detail - most of them we made in under 30 minutes!

This one is with Paul and Christoph, with the words juice, harmonica and bowl, max 499 words. Theme; none, it was a picture of Paul and Christoph from the making of Sonne, where they looked at something, and Paul holding a spoon.

Warnings: real person fic (none of this has happened unless Paul is a very childish person - this is my crap!), complete sillyness.

PorridgeCollapse )

Books and smoothies
Till Lindemann

More from mine and snapealina 's contest!

This one was:

Paul/Oliver, theme: books, the words kleenex, smoothie and teddybear.


Warnings: real person fic (no, it hasn't happened as far as I know, it's just my sick mind!), complete sillyness

Books and SmoothiesCollapse )

Salad and Accordions!
Till Lindemann
Okay, here we go: I and snapealina  had a little contest between us, that also made her cheat on her fandom; she went from Harry Potter to Rammstein. It was challenges, with maximum words, a theme, three words that had to be used, and two characters. So, here we go, here are mine!

Warning: real person fic, complete sillyness
Task: Till/Richard, max 499 words, theme is moral, three words is nose, pillow, accordion.

Salad and Accordions
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New fic!
Till Lindemann
Here is a new fic - I got an idea of how the song Mutter was born! This is not real, just my idea, from my crazy mind ;)

No adult content!

Read "Mutter" here!Collapse )

Another fic
Till Lindemann

Well, I think this fan fic is ready to be published! ;) (I think I have discovered all of my spelling mistakes and corrected them)

Rating: NC-17, real person fanfic (it is just my sick fantasy, right?!)

The BarCollapse )

When you LOVE your job
Till Lindemann

Be kind - this is my first fic here! ;)

Rating: NC-17

One of the shorter ones - as I finish the others, you will find them here on Live Journal ;) For now, you can enjoy this smut fic! ;D

By the way;

THANKS A LOT TO [info]snapealina, who learned me the Live Journal-cut function!! <3

When you LOVE your job...Collapse )

My first entry, yeah!
Till Lindemann
So, here I am... Trying to get into that fic-thing :P



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