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15 October 1989
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Too many years of complete madness - I'm from Norway and was born in the middle of nowhere, and still stuck there. But somehow I like it, so most likely I will continue my ways of living here "in the middle of nowhere". I play in two marching bands, and my instruments are euphonium, baritone and trombone. These days I play mostly the euphonium :) Else, I'm a hunter, grown up with hunting, and I find it important since we have no predators here, so we have to "do the dirty job" and regulate the wild populations of deer. End of discussion ;)

Have a "slight" obsession for music, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.

Mostly I write fan fiction, but I love other's fic and artsies as well ^^

Trying to use this profile after 2 years of almost forgetting about it. All the crap I've posted here... Gods...